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ShepetivkCow RU Observer (1 year 7 months ago)

На сайті «OLX» знову "розвели " шепетівчан ина /297-primirennya-vog nem.html - Примирення вогнем 2869-yuni-shepetivch any-zdobuly-nahorody -na-mizhnarodnomu-ko nkursi-talantiv.html - Юні шепетівчан и здобули нагороди на міжнародно му конкурсі талантів 099-tsoho-roku-z-mol otka-pide-pat-khmeln ytskoblenerho.html - Цього року з молотка піде ПАТ «Хмельниць кобленерго » /2670-naikhavnanohup ishokhodutaznykzmisi atsiapodii.html - Наїхав на ногу пішоходу та зник з місця події 2-zmahannia-z-shasho k-sered-cholovikiv.h tml - Змагання з шашок серед чоловіків Відібрав в пенсіонерк и останні 45 гривень Ше петівчани відвезли допомогу в зону АТО Рай

TerakKn UA Observer (3 years 1 month ago)

тысяче листник инструкция - Алпразолам предназнач ен для перорально го применения . Препарат Алпразолам принимают независимо от приема пищи. Как правило, суточную дозу рекомендуе тся делить на 2-3 приема. Продолжите льность терапии и дозы алпразолам а определяют индивидуал ьно. При подборе дозы следует тщательно следить за состоянием пациента, переносимо стью алпразолам а и, учитывая достигнуты й эффект, корректиро вать дозу.Взрос

PAKISTAN_TIGER PK Observer (3 years 4 months ago)

hy u Americans , Jews and Non-Muslims ! All listen ! We Pakistani and Afghans are not terrorists. A terrorist is juzt a terrorist. Dont blaMe us. We Muslims belong to peaceful religion.

asaldpasdorg GB Observer (4 years 5 months ago)

Russia fights Afghan terrorists USA supports and gives arms to Afghan terrorists War ends Afghan terrorists do 9/11 USA sad Russia laugh

Rencia FR Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Well I guess I don\'t have to spend the wekeend figuring this one out!

Eestela CN Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

My knee-jerk reaction is to say that there\'s no free will, no point to life, so don\'t think about it , but since you seem to have put a lot of tuhoght into the article, I\'ll try do do the same in my commentYou and me are in a specific situation: we are part of a group of people who see it as an active goal to understand the universe. Every scientist plays a part. So there\'s YOUR answer right there.By extention, that means that the goal of everyone else is to create a situation where

Patou Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

You really found a way to make this whole pcresos easier.

Pither Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

iskam da kaja 4e q napravih i nqma nihsto ob6to s tova koeto izglejda lesna e no blata stava tiklav i smesta ne mi dopada shokolad i smetana stava svetlo kestenqv krem prekaleno sladnikav ne se lyjete da pravite taq receptaVA:F [1.9.11_1134](from 1 vote)

Caiya FR Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Kncoekd my socks off with knowledge!

Jenelle FR Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

I told my grnadmohter how you helped. She said, \"bake them a cake!\"

Lydia DK Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Mighty uesufl. Make no mistake, I appreciate it.

Ashok Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

There is a critical shortage of informative artciels like this.

Alex RU Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

That\'s a quick-wiettd answer to a difficult question

Mark US Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

sorry, no tova niama ni6to ob6to s xolandskia sos ili sauce hasdonlaile .tova e sos s maslena osnova-t.e. ot iz4isteno maslo, kakto i jeltatzi. bra6noto niama nikakva rabota tuk. proizvodni na tozi sos sa sauce bearnaise ,kam koito se pribavia i estragon, bialo vino i 4eren piper, i sos choron , kam koito se razbiva nakraia i domateno pure.Molia vi- ne pi6ete gluposti! pozdravi miroVA:F [1.9.11_1134](from 0 votes)

Bongthomloyloy Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Ok. Canada does NOT look like that! Maybe in the Yukon or Northwest Territories. I have only seen a dog sled and igloo at a winter fair in Que9bec. So I\'m going to say the secnod picture is of Antarctica.

David PH Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Can you give me a link to the site of the trucking cmoapny that made this calendar? I sent the link from your page to my Russian friend and she got offended and said that a Russian did not make this calendar.

Rire GR Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

I would like Persia to have a more prominent role in your next cdanealr, please. Please don\'t make me send someone to your office to see you about this. Sincerely,M. AhmadinejadMarketing Director, Islamic Republic of Iran

Atawhai JP Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Lol, for the dude who said Antarctica\' there are not indigenous pelpoes on Antarctica, mostly Europeans (or people of European descent e.g. Australians). Part from that it\'s a pretty cool calendar, if this is what they have in Russia then I\'m soo moving there .BTW since when does Oktoberfest have a c\'? lol

Lao Jiang US Voted for Russia Russia (5 years 8 months ago)


Holohoax - Irrefutable Proof Observer (5 years 10 months ago)

Watch the following documentaries on YouTube that expose the alleged Jewish Holocaust: (1) The Last Days of the Big Lie, (2) One Third of the Holocaust, (3) David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary, (4) More than Taboo. (5) Holocaustianity - Zionism propaganda and facts. (6) Treblinka was No Extermination Camp- Just Transit Station. (7) The Origins of Holocaustianity (Vimeo). (8) Bishop Richard Williamson - Gas Chambers, Anti-Semitism and the truth. Forward links to your friends.

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